Samsung might introduce cheap foldable smartphones next year

The market for foldable smartphones is growing at a rapid pace. More and more smartphone companies are now interested in debuting their foldable smartphones. However, these smartphones don’t come with an affordable price tag. They are quite expensive. Although Tecno tried to lower the price tag with its recently debuted Phantom V Flip, in terms of specs, the device is no match for the high-end foldable introduced by Samsung.

Samsung might offer cheap foldable phones next year

According to the information shared by Park Jin, a senior analyst at Counterpoint Research, the South Korean firm Samsung will be debuting affordable foldable smartphones in 2024. The smartphones will come with a price tag between $600-$700. According to him, the foldable market is expected to grow by the second half of the current year.

Some expect the Chinese smartphone companies to drive this growth, thus diluting Samsung’s market share. Furthermore, the analyst claims that Huawei might debut some entry-level foldables on the market. Well, the term entry-level doesn’t indicate that the specs will be similar to regular phones; rather, they will be affordable options.

Samsung might introduce them under the ‘Galaxy FE’ series

There are a few possibilities that Samsung might introduce them under the ‘Galaxy FE’ category. The Galaxy S23 FE is just around the corner, and we might soon start seeing “Fold” and “Flip” phones included in the “Galaxy FE” line as well. There is no clue as to what specs will be provided on the upcoming phones. More information will be unveiled in the coming months.

There are no details on when exactly the company will debut the devices next year. Well, this is quite thrilling since it will give a new shape to the future of the foldable smartphone industry. Eventually, the market share of foldable smartphones will increase.