Samsung Is Working To Show Ads On Cheap Galaxy Smartphones

What has already caused a stir with Samsung TVs could now also land on the screens of the company’s Galaxy smartphones: advertising. Samsung is currently working on updates that contain references to display functions.

Does advertising come with One UI 2.5?

Smart TV models from the group had shown that Samsung has no problem integrating advertising into expensive products. Now the report indicates that the company’s developers are working on a way to integrate advertising deeply into the company’s own Android operating system OneUI.

According to this, Samsung is currently playing with the implementation of ads in the entire operating system, “from stock apps to lock screens” – something similar is already known from Chinese providers such as Huawei, Realme, and Vivo, who counter-finance such very cheap models.

A leaked screenshot, which is said to come from the developer version of One UI 2.5, shows a large-scale advertisement for burgers on the lock screen. As the report explains, this ad has a 15-second timer, as is already known from other advertising formats, for example in Android apps. Specific references to advertising can also be found in the Samsung weather app, which is to be delivered with the next major operating system update. According to TizenHelp, there is currently no way to deactivate the ads in the update.

Not yet confirmed

There is currently no verifiable information about Samsung’s specific plans. However, it is entirely possible that the group would like to increase its sales in certain markets by advertising on cheap smartphone models. Such integration with top models would undoubtedly cause great criticism from customers. It will be interesting to see how advertising on Samsung smartphones really presents itself with the availability of One UI 2.5.