Samsung is working on another amazing OLED display tech: Lifelike Pixels

Samsung is just days away from the official launch of its latest products i.e., the Galaxy S23 series and Galaxy Book 3 laptop lineup. In the meantime, the tech firm has come up with another amazing tech advancement. As per the reports, Samsung has filed a trademark for a new display tech that could be utilized in upcoming products. It appears that the tech firm Samsung is making steady progress in the display manufacturing arm. The company is working to improve its OLED technology.

The information is based on news from GalaxyClub. As per the news, the tech firm has filed for a trademark in South Korea. Reportedly, the trademark is filed for a term named ‘Lifelike Pixels.’ As of now, it is unclear how this new the will work. But we are certain that the tech company will utilize this new tech in the OLED screen of its future smartphones as well as tablets. However, the tech won’t only be limited to these products. We can expect it to make its way to other products and devices like AR/VR displays, laptops, and smartwatches.

Interestingly, the above-mentioned trademark was filed on a similar day when the tech firm filed for the trademark of the Flex Hybrid term. Flex Hybrid is the latest display type offered by the company. It has the capacity to fold and slide concurrently. It is specifically designed for future laptops that will have the capacity to fold in smaller sizes. Besides this, the company has also come up with three additional display panels. These include Flex In & Out, Flex Slideable Solo, and Flex Slidable Duet.

On the other hand, if we make some guesses regarding the upcoming Lifelike Pixels tech, then it would be something with improved color reproduction via an OLED display. However, this is what we know until now. As time passes we will get to know more about the tech.