Samsung is thinking about switching the Galaxy phones’ default search engine to Bing

google vs bing

Web searches and AI capabilities are hot topics of discussion these days. After Microsoft’s Bing, Google is trying hard to come up with something similar for its search engine. Furthermore, it is stated that Google will introduce the ‘Magi’. It is reported that Magi will offer a better-personalized experience in contrast to Google’s current service. Some recent pieces of information suggest that Samsung could shift towards Bing on its devices.

Presently, Google has a workforce of 160 designers, engineers, executives, and other staff in the Magi project. Just last week, the team invited employees to test the Magi AI. Some sources indicate that the company could introduce the Magi AI feature on its search engine in May 2023 possibly during the I/O 2023. Furthermore, initially, the feature could arrive with limited functionalities with some more coming this fall.

Samsung could replace Google with Bing as the default search engine on its devices

Samsung, which is now in negotiations with Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine on its Galaxy handsets, is to blame for the unexpected rush for an early launch. Android-powered smartphones and tablets are included in this. Google knew of the discussions taking place between Microsoft and Samsung as well as the South Korean company’s consideration of moving its device search engine to Bing.

The New York Times reports that Google believes that Samsung is heading towards Bing because of its AI features. So, this could be the possible reason behind Google’s panic. Google is trying hard to introduce Magi AI to its search engine. Well, there are some chances that Samsung could avoid Microsoft for Google. However, this is only possible if Google comes up with something better such as lower pricing for Google Mobile Services licensing. Initially, Google will debut the Magi’ only in the US. It will further be limited to only one million users. Magi will expand to 30 million users later towards the end of the year.