Samsung is going to introduce a Smart Ring

When it comes to Smartwatches in the Android segment, Samsung is the first company that pops up in our minds. Over the span of the past few years, Samsung has introduced various smartwatches. A few months back Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro released by the company. These two latest versions of Galaxy Watch are regarded as the best smartwatches for Android users.

Technology never stops surprising us. With every passing day technology industry is making our lives easier and simpler via the latest updates and innovations. With various other Tech products, Samsung is now planning to work on a Smart Ring.

Yes, a Smart Ring. But how could a ring be smart?

Let us explore further details in this news story.

This news is coming from South Korea. A few reports have claimed that Samsung is going to start working on the development of a Smart Ring. A Smart Ring will enable the users:

  • To monitor their activities
  • To examine their health

To complete this upcoming project the company is collaborating with various firms to help it secure the modules and the parts for the product. Samsung even applied for a patent with USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) last year. The patent comprised the unique features of a Smart Ring that could enable the monitoring of heart rate as well as a built-in ECG sensor. Additionally, a Smart Watch could also help users to control their TV, smartphone, or Tablet.

Some market firms are expecting that Smart Ring might gain popularity over the next few years. Similarly, they might be preferred over smartwatches. Since they last longer owing to their non-requirement of a battery-chugging display. Moreover, a smart ring can be more easily worn compared to a smartwatch. Additionally, health tracking mechanisms provided with greater accuracy and precision could hype its demand. Some of the smart rings already available in the market include Go2sleep Ring, Circular Ring, Hecere NFC Ring, Oura Ring 3, and Prevention Circul+.

As the name indicates a smart ring won’t have a display screen. This might cause dissatisfaction among some smartwatch users. A smart ring can substitute a smart band owing to the modest and unobtrusive design of the smart ring as well as its small size.