Samsung is accused by ASUS of infringing its 4G and 5G patents

The smartphone company ASUS is known for manufacturing small smartphones with amazing specs. One thing to notice here is that the company has not yet made its mark in the smartphone industry. In addition to this, the company holds several patents that help it generate revenue. As per some recent pieces of information, ASUS has sued the South Korean tech giant Samsung for violating its 4G/5G wireless communication patents.

In accordance with the reports reported by DigiTimes, due to Samsung’s infringement of its wireless communication patents, which cover 4G/5G smartphones like the Galaxy Z Flip 5, ASUS has filed a lawsuit. Notably, the company has taken this step given the failure of its agreement regarding the licensing fees for its patents with the South Korean firm.

Recently, ASUS announced ASUS Technology Licensing and Innovative Sonic Limited. It is the company that deals with the stuff related to ASUS’s patents. Reportedly, this company has filed a lawsuit against the South Korean conglomerate in the Eastern District of Texas for violating one of its wireless communications patents (U.S. Patent No. 10,187,878).

The term “method and equipment to boost the transmission of data using a configured resource in a wireless communication system” is used to describe this patent, which includes many 4G and 5G handsets. According to RPX Insight, the above-mentioned case refers to a standard essential patent. Such lawsuits require years to reach a conclusion. In addition to this, even if court asks Samsung to pay ASUS the compensation fee, it won’t be enough to make the company’s business profitable.

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