Samsung has unveiled a 200MP Zoom camera for smartphones

The South Korean tech giant Samsung unveiled the world’s first 200MP camera back in 2021. The company later debuted two additional 200MP sensors as a follow-up. One of those sensors can be found on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. One thing to notice here is that all three cameras can only be used as primary shooters because they have wide-angle lenses with short focal lengths. The company intends to utilize the capabilities of high-resolution sensors in telephoto cameras with the help of a 200MP zoom lens.

In contrast to a secondary camera, Samsung believes that telephoto cameras are now considered the second main camera. It is the optical zoom that improves the capture of portrait shots. The close-up shots are disrupted due to the wide field of view and short shooting distance of the main cameras. The center of the face is expanded relative to the face’s peripheral due to the relative distance from the camera since the human face’s 3D shape is projected onto the 2D image sensor, according to Samsung.

On the other hand, a telephoto camera features long focal lengths and a narrow field of view. Both of these features help to lessen the distortion. Portrait photographs that are zoomed in also have improved background blur. Zoom cameras produce images with a lesser resolution and inferior quality than main cameras due to their relatively tiny size. Samsung wants to take things to the next level by using ultra-high-resolution telephoto lenses. Notably, the company aims to design 200MP sensors for zoom imaging.

The company explained in the Newsroom post about the potential of high-resolution zoom cameras in smartphone photography. The company supported its claim with the help of samples and technical comprehension. However, the company has not mentioned any due timeframe in which we could see such tech arriving on future smartphones.

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