Samsung Game Portal will be available in more than 30 countries

The South Korean tech giant is well-known for its amazing gaming products. Recently, the company is going a step forward to provide its consumers with a one-stop shop to find all the games. For this reason, Samsung has come forward with the concept of Game Portal.

The company introduced the Game Portal last week. It is basically a website that hosts everything related to games. Users can find gaming monitors, SSDs, and even gaming smartphones on Game Portal. Users can literally find all the gaming stuff in one place. In this way, users will get rid of the hassle of visiting different online stores.

Of course, it’s in Samsung’s best interest if users enjoy using this. Because if you do, Samsung will profit from all of your purchases. For the things, it sells in the categories, at least. You won’t be purchasing a GPU from Samsung because it doesn’t produce graphics cards, for instance. To get a new SSD, though, you might go there. or television for your console.

Samsung Game Portal will be accessible in more than 30 countries

Well, technically speaking the Game Portal is already live. It is available in a few regions. The company claims that soon the Game Portal will be accessible in more than 30 countries. Initially, the portal is accessible in only a few selected regions like the US, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, and Spain. Most of the listings on the Game Portal are Samsung’s own products. You can also find some other brands on the Game Portal like JBL. The store has listed the Quantum Gaming headsets from JBL on the store.

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