Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is expected to feature a smaller outer screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is expected to feature a much smaller outer screen. Let’s hope it’s just a typo.

Samsung is prepping for the Galaxy Z Fold3, which is expected to come with a small outer screen. The device is expected to feature a 5.4″ outer display with a resolution of 816×2260.

If that’s correct, then it could be a matter of worry for the device, as it may not become as popular as one might think. GSMArena said that it could be “a typo and was supposed to say 6.4″.”

Anyways, it’s also predicted that the inner screen could be much larger compared to the outer screen, i.e., 7.7″, which is slightly bigger than its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Fold2 with a screen of 7.6″.

The screen is expected to come from the in-house manufacturing unit, Samsung Display. Moreover, the company may also release the Galaxy Z Flip3, which would come with a 6.8″ inner screen and a 1.9″ outer screen.

Huawei is receiving the inner and outer screen from BOE for the Mate X2. Similarly, OPPO is also getting its outer screen from BOE for its upcoming device. However, the inner screen comes from Samsung Display.

Then VIVO’s new smartphone will carry an inner screen from Samsung Display, while the outer one comes from BOE.

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