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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3 Touched the 1 Million Sales Target

Samsung successfully sold 1 million foldable smartphones this Wednesday.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 - Galaxy Z Fold 3,

Samsung scored a million units sale of foldable devices this past Wednesday (yesterday) in South Korea. It took more than a month for these new foldables to reach this target. Although, experts were expecting this to happen sooner than it actually did.

Samsung released the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 in August of this year. The duo was quite in the news long before the company could release them. But as they were released their hype started to slow down. Perhaps the company was expecting too much, or we were hearing about it now and then.

Although, late, but Samsung did reach a target of 1 million sales of the Galaxy Z Flip3 and the Galaxy Z Fold3. Interestingly of the total, the Flip3 took nearly 70% of the share. now it could be because the Flip3 is the cheaper among the two or perhaps more likable.

According to some stats, more than 50% of the buyers of the Galaxy Z Flip3 were millennials or from Generation Z.

The company is already putting all its effort into boosting the sales of the duo and so plans to continue the trade-in offer till October 31st.


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