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Samsung Galaxy S9 Not Selling Very Well

Galaxy S9

Samsung Electronics has revealed that the Galaxy S9 is not selling well, despite the company’s efforts of making the phone company’s most capable and polished smartphone to date.

As per the analysts Samsung has only shipped thirty-one million Galaxy S9 smartphones ever since it was launched back in March, which makes it the firm’s lowest selling phone after Galaxy S III which was released in 2012.

The Galaxy S7, by comparison, was Samsung’s most selling smartphone ever. The phone was launched in 2016 and nearly around fifty million units were shipped. The Galaxy S7 was the first smartphone of Samsung in the company history launched with two different display sizes—exactly on the same pattern that Apple used in 2014 with its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Samsung’s display business has also suffered somewhat in this quarter with “weak demand” for the flexible OLED panels which were seen in phones like iPhone X, and due to the decrease in LCD shipments both in terms of quantity and price.

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Samsung has hopes that in the second half of the quarter the OLED demand will rise, and Apple’s plan of introducing two new OLED iPhones would definitely help with that.

The decrease in the sales of Galaxy S9 should not surprise anyone as people these days hold longer to their phone and only upgrades to a new phone when they find features that are compelling enough.

Samsung is not the only firm to suffer, even Apple is experiencing the same though not that severely.

The smartphone market is overly saturated. Phones have become so fascinating offering a lot of features that there is very little reason or attraction left for upgradation every year. Also, people believe on investing heavily on their phones so that they could use it for longer duration.

Samsung has ample chance to dumbfound its customers with the Galaxy Note 9 which would be launched on the 9th of August. Following it there is S10 or the rumoured foldable Samsung phone which could prove beneficial for the firm for increasing its sales.

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