Samsung Galaxy S21 Starts Android 12 And One UI 4 Betas

Android 12 Beta One UI 4

A few weeks before the official release of Google Android 12, Samsung is now starting the beta for selected smartphones, including its new One UI 4 interface. Interested Galaxy owners can take part in the test phase via the Samsung Members App.

In addition to users from China, India, Poland, South Korea, Great Britain, and the USA, customers from Europe should also be able to try out the beta of Android 12 and One UI 4. Samsung announced this in an official press release, but without setting a time frame. It can be assumed that the trial version will be available later in the day. A Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 +, or S21 Ultra and the “Members App” are required to participate. The latter can be obtained from the manufacturer’s preinstalled app store, among other things.

The final Android 12 update would be available later this year

Samsung would like to use the feedback from Galaxy owners to fine-tune its surface. A final version should take place later this year, with the official go-ahead from Google as early as the beginning of October. While the majority of the new features originate from the operating system, Samsung has provided a visual update: “With One UI 4, you get customization options at every turn. With a wealth of theme options, you can customize the look and functionality of your device. You get tools to Configure your home screen, icons, notifications, wallpapers, and much more. “

In addition to the current flagships of the Galaxy S21 series, initial information is being supplied to many other Samsung smartphones – including those from the popular middle class – with an update to Android 12 and One UI 4. These include, for example, older top models such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 including Plus and Lite offshoots, the first generations of the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip families, and the Galaxy A series, which is widely used in Germany. For the latter, the updates of the Galaxy A52 and A51 should be of particular interest.