Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Come With Screens on Both Sides

As the reports and rumors go, Samsung is working on a phone that will have screens on both sides, front & back. People working at Let’s Go Digital have found out that Samsung recently filed a patent on technology that would enable it to have dual-sided screens for a smartphone. The patent enlightens in many ways the technology could work, using the bendable screens to ensure the feature operates effectively.

Now in one way that it can work is that the rear screen bends to the bottom of the phone, leaving space at the top of front and back panels to adjust both cameras, earpiece and other features. Bezel screen will not be present at the bottom, but thin bezel might be possible on sides of the phone.  The patent by Samsung also explains that the screen can wrap around the sides that will enable the bezels at top and bottom to store other elements. This way the sides will have no bezels left.

Samsung has been working tirelessly on foldable phones and as per the rumors, Samsung will soon launch a bendable phone that will be called Samsung Galaxy X.

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The technology that will be used by Samsung as described in current patents makes it look possible that Samsung will be able to successfully introduce a dual screen phone. The phone will increase user experience and make everything double interesting.
So for instance, if a user receives an incoming call, it will be shown on dual screen, providing two opportunities to the user, to accept or reject the call.  Moreover, you will be able to see notifications on both sides of the phone, and won’t have to undergo the trouble to change sides of the phone and then answer or respond to your messages. As the reports about the patent go, their might be some amazing changes in the phone for game lovers.

Still, all this is just in development stages right now, the technology might not even be used to create a device. So whatever phone Samsung decides to create for dual screen, be it Samsung S10 or Note 10, there is time for it to hatch.