Samsung Galaxy S10 Colour Options Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S10

The colour options for the Samsung Galaxy S10 have been unveiled. The phone would most probably be launched in the first quarter of 2019. It would be the company’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint reader. Also, Samsung is planning to use Qualcomm’s Third Gen Ultrasonic Fingerprint Readers.

As per some reports, the Samsung Galaxy S10 colour options would include White, Pink, Black, Silver and emerald green colour. No information regarding this has been given by Samsung so far, however, there are sufficient reports about the colours.

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Additionally, in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10, the ultrasonic fingerprint reader would be attached to the backside of the display panel. For optical readers, a transparent screen is needed, and they would also be affecting on the image quality of the display.

According to the reports, there would be three Samsung Galaxy S10 models. As per the former reports, Samsung Galaxy S10 would come with 5G. Having the 5G Support, the smartphone would be making its way to the market in the first quarter of 2019.

Also, the screen to body ration of Galaxy S10 would be largely improved in comparison to that of S9. There are no particular words regarding it, however, most probably, Samsung would be eradicating the bottom bezel of the phone so that they could attain a screen to body ratio of nearly ninety per cent. Presently, the screen to body ration of Galaxy S9 is around eighty-four per cent.

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