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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Price, Specifications & Release Date in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy S9 is yet to release at MWC 2018 this month. As for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it will most probably release sometime in the fall. Let’s look at the specifications, price and release date of the phone in Pakistan as per the rumors and news heard.

‘Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Price, Specifications & Release Date in Pakistan’

Samsung said that it started working on Note 9 immediately after completing Note 8 ‘“ considering how to approach the development of the next Note by evaluating the latest model and looking for ways to improve upon signature features like the S Pen.’

When will the phone release?

Samsung Note 9 will release sometime in mid-September. If we look back at release dates of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it was announced on August 23rd, 2017, it released in the market on September 15th, 2017 and in Pakistan it was released in October. So we can expect Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to release in Pakistan sometime in October 2018.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

First, we need to clear that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not have the highly anticipated in-display fingerprint sensor. Samsung will leave this feature for another smartphone as its having technical issues in implementing it. So both Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 will have rear-facing fingerprint sensors.

Also, D.J. Koh Samsung’s president of mobile once said that Note phone of 2018 might have a foldable design but since then nothing has been heard relating to this. But as per a report, Note 9 will have a 6.3-inch OLED screen similar to Galaxy Note 8.

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Secondly, as per reports, Google is developing a smartphone optimization for its new Android P Software but Galaxy Note 9 will probably run on Android Oreo on its release.

Coming to the camera of the phone, we can expect a dual camera as was in Galaxy Note 8. Furthermore, leaks of Galaxy S9 suggest that it might have a really slow-motion shooting feature. This feature can be expected in Note 9 phone as well.

As for the hardware of the phone, it will be similar to Galaxy S9+ which is yet to release. But there will be an extremely high memory of the phone and it will be powered with Snapdragon 845.

Samsung Experience 9.0 user interface will run on Samsung Galaxy S9 and the chance is that Samsung Experience 9.5 user interface will run on Note 9 phones. So users will have an update on emoji designs. The custom features like S-Pen stylus will remain part of the phone, but the company may make it more innovative & advance-looking.

The 3.5mm headphone jack in smartphone phones is a standard and we will most likely see it in Galaxy Note 9 phones. Also, expect a USB-C port in the device.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The lowest price of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Pakistan was PKR 82,149. For Note 9 the lowest price in Pakistan will be around 90,000 – 100000.

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