Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phones are Not Charging when Battery Hits Zero

Galaxy Note 8 phones have a bad history when it comes to the battery of the phone. Only last year we witnessed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones that had severe battery issues as the battery used to explode. Now many users are complaining about yet another battery issue with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phones. The issue is that Galaxy Note 8 phones are not charging, neither are they turning on when the battery hits zero.

The complaint issued by many users is that as soon as the battery hits 0%, the Samsung Note 8 phones do not accept charging. Now the users thought that there might be an issue with the cables and chargers they were using, so they changed them. But the phones still declined to get charged. So it is considered now that Samsung Note 8 phones have some kind of problem.

SamsungMel a Samsung administrator has written on Samsung forums that customers who are having a problem must return their phones for a warranty replacement unit.

SamsungMel said, “This particular problem with the Note 8 not turning on is definitely something that we want to get addressed immediately.”

As per rumors Galaxy Note 8 phones that are bought from carriers like Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint are having this battery issue. No matter what the cause this is not good for Samsung’s reputation. Last year its batteries were a complete failure and this year too they have some issue. Galaxy Note 8 was definitely one of the best phones released in 2017, but this issue will now make users think twice before purchasing a Samsung phone.

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