Samsung Foresees Phones that Could Read Palms

Samsung is working on something unique for sure, it might introduce a novel way for users to remember passwords as per the published patent application of Samsung.

There are many ways of remembering passwords, like getting clues or answering security questions, but with all these options reliability factor is not high because anybody who knows somewhat about you could easily guess them.

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Samsung has devised a different way to assist in the remembering of passwords. The new method is via palm scanning. According to CNET, it could also be referred to as the biometric identification method.

The latest patent application depicts that Samsung had been busy in the testing of the palm reading method for guessing forgotten passwords. This new method would scan the palm lines and show fractional characters providing clues to the users. The mobile phone would not be giving out the password as it is, instead it would hide the password letters in diverse ways in your palm.

However, this cannot be said with assurance that this tested method would be launched in any of the upcoming Samsung phones as it is just a published patent application.

The recent phones offered by the company, which are Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8 are equipped with the Iris scanning technology, fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and above all the pattern and PIN-based passwords.

This is a very easy to use and simply understandable concept, it could be extremely helpful if you one to access an online store or worried because you have locked out of the phone.

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