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Samsung Experienced Huge Surge in 4G Market Share in Pakistan

During the span of last six months, Samsung displayed significant improvements in 4G smartphones, owing to that it has attained the maximum 4G market share in Pakistan.

The youth of Pakistan is highly tech-savvy and fully aware of all the modern technologies. They are eager to learn and adopt whatever new surfaces in the world of technology especially if the knowledge is about smartphones with 3G and 4G connectivity, equipped with all the trendy and latest features and in affordable rates. There has been a continuous competition between the smartphone brands for increasing their respective market shares and sales in Pakistan owing to such a hiked demand of smartphones.

Earlier, the maximum share of the Pakistani market was captured by Huawei, as they launched phones with good specifications and that too in affordable rates. During that time the market interest of Pakistan in Samsung gadgets kind of faded.

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Samsung had now made a comeback by making improvements in its 4G smartphones. They have again captured the market attention by launching budget-friendly phones equipped with wonderful specifications. Owing to all this, Samsung has been able to take the maximum market share of thirty-eight per cent in Pakistan.

Samsung J4 and J6 are so far the best-selling models in Pakistan—both phones are not that costly and are really good when it comes to their specs.

Huawei Honor is also considered a good phone in mid-range smartphones. It has attained a 4G market share of twenty-two per cent.

Then comes OPPO having the 4G market share of eighteen per cent.

The remaining twenty-two per cent market share is captured by various brands including Nokia, Sony and Xiaomi.

The count of 3G smartphones is low as compared to the 4G phones. These days QMobile has got the greatest 3G market share of eighty per cent.

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