Samsung enters the GenAI landscape with its own generative AI model

It’s been a long time since we heard that the South Korean tech giant Samsung is working on its own Generative AI model. Well, the company has recently unveiled its Generative AI model with the name Samsung Gauss. The company uncovered it during the Samsung AI Forum event 2023 in Seoul, South Korea. The company has named the model after the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. He is famous for establishing the Normal Distribution Theory (Gaussian) that is the foundation for ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies.

Some information about Samsung Gauss

The generative AI model was developed by Samsung Research. It could be only available to the company’s employees, however; it might make its way to the public via Samsung’s future products. Samsung Gauss comprises the Samsung Gauss Code, Samsung Gauss Language, and Samsung Gauss Image. Several products based on this model could arrive in the coming months. Features derived from these Generative AI models are anticipated to be offered on the Galaxy S24 series, which is anticipated to go on sale in January 2024.

It is a model that is capable of understanding human language. It can generate answers to queries that will help users improve their productivity. It can help with several tasks like editing, document summarization, language translation, writing, and even composing emails. It can also be utilized to provide smarter device controls when applied to products. It is compatible with endpoint devices (PCs, tablets, and phones) as well as cloud servers.

Samsung Gauss Code

One model that focuses on code languages is the Samsung Gauss Code model. It has a code assistant named “code.i” that Samsung will employ in-house. Through an interactive interface, software development is made rapid and simple. It facilitates the creation of test cases and code descriptions.

Samsung Gauss Image

Users can create as well as edit images with Samsung Gauss Image. Furthermore, it has the capacity to transform a low-resolution image into a high-resolution image, add stuff to existing images, and change the style of the image. It can even generate new images based on text descriptions similar to Dall-E.

One thing to notice here is that Samsung’s Generative AI models can run in on-device mode. In this way, they will safeguard private information. Furthermore, the company has formed an AI Red Team that will keep a check on AI ethics by monitoring privacy and security issues throughout the different phases of AI….

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