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Samsung Ditching LCD TVs In Favour Of Only OLED Panels

Panasonic 4K OLED TV

Panasonic GZ2000 featuring a custom-made Professional Edition 4K OLED panel

The display division of the Korean electronics company Samsung is now completely saying goodbye to the production of LCD panels for televisions in their home country. Instead, the company relies fully on the production of OLED screens for use in computers and televisions.

As the Taiwanese industry service DigiTimes reports, citing the Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, Samsung is currently ending the production of LCDs for televisions at its last locations in South Korea. The company has decided not to continue the production of such displays and is therefore shutting them down, it is said.

Samsung expands OLED production

According to the report, Samsung has now replaced the systems for the production of larger LCD panels with machines for so-called 6G OLED production in order to have smaller OLED panels built for use in tablets, smartphones, and other IT devices. Some of the LCD equipment has also been removed from a second plant so that QD-OLED TV panels can now be produced there.

Samsung is now selling its systems for the production of LCD-based TV screens to Chinese customers. The equipment will be handed over to the display manufacturers BOE Technology and China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), among others. However, the fact that Samsung will no longer produce its own LCD panels for use in televisions does not mean that the company will no longer offer its own LCD televisions under its brand name.

Instead, the Korean market leader for flat-screen televisions will in the future simply buy the panels for its LCD TVs from BOE, CSOT, and other suppliers. In general, Samsung started saying goodbye to LCD panels of all kinds years ago, as the company is bringing more and more products of all kinds to the market with what are considered to be modern OLED panels.

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