Samsung Display will deliver around 70% OLED panels for iPhone 14 series

Manufacturing an iPhone requires a blend of several suppliers. These suppliers provide various parts to Apple. When it comes to displays, Samsung display is one of the major suppliers of OLED displays for iPhones. It started at the time when Apple switched to OLED display panels. As of now, a recent report by The Elec, suggests that Samsung Display is going to cater for the 70% supply of the OLED display panels concerning the iPhone 14 series.

As per a report, Apple has bought more than 120 million OLED panels for the iPhone 14 lineup this year. Of these 120 million, Samsung Display is going to supply over 80 million OLED displays. The other display suppliers of Apple comprise LG and BOE. They are reported to supply the remaining 20 million and 6 million units, respectively.

Samsung holds an immense advantage over other suppliers, such as LG Display and BOE. Since LG delivers an LTPS display for the vanilla iPhone 14 as well as an LTPO display for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. in addition to this, BOE provides the LTPS displays for the regular iPhone 14 model. In contrast to these two companies, Samsung is the only company that supplies display panels for every iPhone in the lineup. This feature makes Samsung a versatile choice for Apple. Thus, beating other suppliers in the market.

In accordance with TheElec, around 60 million of the 80 million display units supplied by Samsung will be utilized in high-end models of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. One of the various reasons that specify why Samsung is the biggest supplier of OLED displays for Apple is that LG Display is confronting production challenges.

Samsung is very well-known for its excellent displays on its Galaxy smartphones. More specifically the Galaxy S22 Ultra introduced in 2022, is considered one of the smartphones featuring the best displays. Though, the iPhone 14 Pro model features higher peak brightness levels. But that doesn’t necessarily indicate that the display on Galaxy S22 Ultra is at a low level by any means.