Samsung Display files a patent violation lawsuit against BOE in the US

Samsung Display and BOE are into a legal dispute for quite some time now. Recently some advancements were reported in this legal battle. Reportedly, the South Korean tech firm has filed a patent violation lawsuit against BOE in the US. Notably, BOE is considering all the possible options to legally target Samsung Display for the past half year.

Previously, in May, BOE filed multiple patent violation lawsuits against Samsung and its divisions in China. This was considered to be revenge against Samsung Display. Since Samsung asked for the USA’s 17 wholesalers to be barred from doing business there. It was back in January, and the US ITC opened an inquiry into BOE for patent infringement as a result of the request. Back in June 2023, BOE collaborated with CSOT, Tianma, and Visionox to initiate a trial for the invalidation of a Samsung Display OLED patent.

Samsung responds to BOE for the first time

Samsung Display has not responded to BOE efforts until now. It is for the first time that the South Korean conglomerate is attacking BOE directly. Samsung had no role in the US ITC inquiry. In reality, Samsung Display made an effort to prevent wholesalers from selling knockoff OLED panels in the USA by claiming that they were being produced illegally in China using Samsung patents. This action ultimately prompted a BOE investigation.

According to a recent story (via The Korea Times), Samsung Display has now sued BOE for OLED patent violation, marking the first time the Korean display behemoth has taken legal action against BOE. Well, this is a step to protect the intellectual property right of Samsung’s OLED panels given the fact that the Chinese panel manufacturers are efficient at manufacturing OLED displays.

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