Samsung could introduce a mid-range Galaxy foldable phone next year

Since the Galaxy Z Flip’s introduction in 2020, Samsung has been working to make foldable phones more accessible to consumers. It was priced at $1,400, whereas the 5G variant was priced at $1,450 and debuted later in 2020. Over the course of years, the company has reduced the price of the Galaxy Flip smartphones; however, they now seem to have reached a $999 cap.

It appears like the Galaxy Z Flip series won’t come with a lower price tag. However, the company has some other plans in the pipeline in an effort to dominate the foldable phone market. Reportedly, the company might be working on a mid-range foldable smartphone. The research firm TrendForce shared a recent report that examines the possibilities of foldable phones providing a lifeline for the collapsing global smartphone market. The report revives the rumor that Samsung is developing a third foldable phone series at a lower price range.

The research firm asserts that the traces of a mid-range foldable phone series can be depicted by the activities relevant to the supply chain. If there is a mid-range foldable phone, it will reduce the price barriers, and in this way, smartphones will be accessible to more users. Rather than closing the price difference between the Flip and the Fold, it appears that this third foldable Galaxy gadget will likely cost less than the Galaxy Z Flip.

Currently, there are no details about the form factor, price, or specifications of this mid-range foldable Galaxy phone. In accordance with a previous rumor, it might arrive as a part of the Fan Edition series. However, this is merely an assumption.

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