Samsung begins manufacturing OLED displays for iPhone 15

According to some recent pieces of information, the Cupertino-based tech firm has cleared Samsung for the production of OLED displays for the iPhone 15 series. Reportedly, the South Korena tech company will manufacture the OLED displays for all four models of the series. Currently, Apple has only proceeded with Samsung given the displays. On the other hand, LG and BOE are still awaiting approval from Apple. According to Korean media reports, BOE is facing some difficulties with quality.

When it comes to OLED displays, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of OLED displays for smartphones. It has some major brands as its clients. To attain competitive rates, however, companies typically diversify their supply chains and buy components from a variety of suppliers. In the event that one of their suppliers experiences difficulties, this also helps them avoid last-minute component shortages. They can swiftly choose another provider to receive the contract.

For this reason, Apple has adopted a similar strategy for iPhone displays. A major proportion of iPhone displays come from Samsung. However, Apple sources out small portions to other companies as well. Last year, with the iPhone 14 series Samsung acquired a major chunk of the display order. However, it was forced to abandon a small proportion of orders to another company given the yield issues that were reported last minute. Due to the requirement to quickly deploy more production equipment to accommodate this demand, Samsung ultimately overcharged Apple.

For the current iPhone 15 series, Apple has increased its share of LG Display. According to reports, LG Display has received a major chunk of orders for manufacturing OLED displays for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Besides this, the company is still awaiting official approval from Apple. As per the information, LG is currently facing some problems with production. Given this, Apple is waiting for LG to resolve the issues. Well, if that doesn’t happen then Samsung would once again acquire a big initial order.

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