Samsung and KDDI successfully completes the demonstration of SLA network slicing on a live 5G SA network

Recently, the tech firm Samsung announced in an official blog post that it has gained success regarding a demo of the SLA assurance network slicing in collaboration with KDDI. SLA abbreviates for Service Legal Agreements. The demo of SLA was carried out on a live 5G SA network. It was performed in Tokyo, Japan. Having said this, it is for the first time in the industry that companies have produced several pieces of the network. Such network slicing is based on RAN Intelligent Controller [RIN] on a live 5G SA network.

In this case, the RIN is provided by the South Korean tech firm. It is a software version of Open RAN. Interestingly, the Open RAN architect adjusts the radio resources of RAN to enhance the network quality on the whole. Whereas, network slicing refers to enabling several virtual networks to be generated within the premises of a single physical network infrastructure. The purpose of each slice is distinct in contrast to the other.

Let’s understand this by an example. A slice can either transfer a low latency slice for automated vehicles or on the other hand, a high bandwidth slice can transmit it for live video streaming. The Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of the Mobile Network Technical Development Division at KDDI, Toshikazu Yokai, mentioned that in collaboration with Samsung, we are successful in delivering innovative technologies to our consumers.

Such a successful demonstration of this tech depicts that we will see more tailor-made high-performance capabilities and services from the two companies. For instance, low latency and high outputs. Samsung has been in close association with KDDI for a long regarding the equipment. Samsung is the 5G network solutions provider for KDDI. Moreover, the tech firm has offered various services that include the 5G network rollout on 700MHz, end-to-end 5G network slicing demonstration in the lab, and the deployment of 5G vRAN on KDDI’s commercial network.