Samsung AI Forum 2023 will be held on November 7

Samsung AI Forum 2023, an annual gathering organized by SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology), will take place at the Suwon Convention Centre in Gyeonggi-do, Korea, on November 7, the firm said today. The event will begin with an introduction from Samsung Electronics Device Solution’s president and CEO. Yoshua Benjo, a professor from the University of Montreal, will present the follow-up keynotes. Furthermore, Tenstorrent Jim Keller, CEO of an AI semiconductor startup, will also join the stage.

Recently, it was reported that Samsung and Tenstorrent have partnered for next-gen AI chips. Some previous reports indicate that besides Tenstorrent, Samsung also collaborated with Groq for the new semiconductor project. The CEO of Tensotorent is well-known for his contribution to AMD. He served as the lead architect for the AMD K8 architecture at AMD. Furthermore, the CEO designed A4 and A5 processors for Apple.

In addition to these, some other notable figures will be joining the stage at Samsung AI Forum 2023 including research scientist from the Meta AI Research Lab Larry Zitnick, Professor Satoshi Matsuoka of the Riken Institute of Computer Science in Japan, and SAIT’s AI and CE research leaders.

The main agenda of Samsung AI Forum 2023

According to the company, the upcoming AI forum will focus on two main topics, including Large Language Models and Transformation of AI for Industry and Large-scale Computing for Large Language Models and Simulation. The topics align with the company’s own LLM for in-house use.

Samsung and other business titans will present the most recent developments in AI (artificial intelligence) and CE (computer engineering) at AI Forum 2023, with the overriding theme of “large-scale AI for a better tomorrow.” The Samsung AI/CE Challenge and Samsung AI Research Award winners will also be announced during a ceremony hosted by the firm.

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