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Samjhota Express—Train Service Between Pak-India Suspended

Samjhota Express

Samjhota Express was unable to depart for India on Thursday owing to the suspension of their operation by Pakistan authorities in mid of the rising tensions between Pakistan and India.

Pakistan Railways official as per reports has said that the passengers went back to their towns and cities after the Atari bound train was not permitted to leave the Lahore Railways Station.

The train was expected to leave for India from the provincial capital of Punjab at 08:00am on Thursday that is today.

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As per the Additional General Manager Railways—Zubair Shafi the decision of suspending the Samjhota Express was taken in mid of the present situation for averting any undesirable incident.

Pakistan Railways made the announcement of the suspension of the train service today, quoting the security concerns because of the ongoing tensions between the two countries.

Tensions between the two neighbouring countries worsened when the Indian jets intervened along wit LoC and violated the airspace.

Pakistan Air Force was quick to respond to the Indian jets intervention and made them return back to their land.

Relations of the two countries had never been friendly but the Pulwama attack incident acted like a trigger and started the all this Indian aggression against Pakistan.

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