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SAMAA TV Host Seeks for an Apology from Nasir Khan Jan

Nasir Khan Jan

SAMAA TV Host Muhammad Shuaib insulted the social media star Nasir Khan Jan by asking him questions in a harsh tone and words when the social media star was invited on a show that airs on SAMAA TV. The harsh line of questioning was adopted while they started to discuss one of the videos of Nasir Khan Jan.

In a recorded segment Shuaib himself confessed that he had a guest on his show, and he didn’t show him respect. He further added that he asked very wrong questions and not only that his way, manner and style of asking those questions was very harsh which got unacceptable by Nasir Khan Jan’s fans and also did hurt the emotions and sentiments of the social media star.

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Shuaib accepts that his conduct was wrong and inappropraite.

Afterwards, he personally apologized to Nasir Khan Jan.

The guest accepted his apology with generosity and said that people go to different shows and are asked so many questions for which one is sometimes prepared and sometimes not. Nasir Khan Jan says that he wasn’t holding on to this matter.

But this incident has really taught a lesson to Shuaib about having guests and asking them relevant questions in an appropriate manner.

On the other hand, a charity based in Karachi served the less-previliged people of the society with ostrich meat on the first day of Ramazan. The meat was served as a Ramazan treat to the poor.

People really lauded this gesture, as ostrich meat is not just unique but also super expensive.

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