Salman Khan’s Film Radhe to Release this Eid

Salman Khan

Earlier today, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan confirmed the release of his upcoming film Radhe. The most wanted Bhai is soon going to be seen in theatres on Eid 2021.

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According to the reports, in a statement on Instagram, Salman Khan said; sorry it has taken me a long time to revert to all the theatre owner, it’s a big decision to make during these times. I understand the economic problems that the theatre owners/exhibitors are going through and I would like to help them by releasing Radhe in theatres.

Moreover, Khan further added that; in return, I would expect them to take the extreme amount of care and precautions for the audience who would come to the theatre to watch Radhe. The promise was of EID and it will be Eid 2021 Inshallah. Enjoy Radhe this year in theatres on Eid. God Willing, the actor concluded.

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