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Salman Ahmed Confirmed Junoon Band Comeback

There had been rumours since some time relating the Junoon band come back. The guitarist of the band—Salman Ahmed confirmed the rumours regarding the reunion of the classic band Junoon.

At several incidences before, Salman Ahmed has now and then hinted about the possibility of a reunion of the original band. The band, when introduced, comprised of Ali Azmat and Brian O’Connell.

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It was previously revealed that he would be paying tribute to the greatest ever singers and bands of Pakistan Music Industry like Junoon and Vital Signs. He added that in the year 2018 he would be producing a unique Broadway-style show which would include tributes to the music legends including Nazia Hassan and Zohaib Hassan, Junoon and Vital Signs.

He further informed that he has already been in talks with Junaid Jamshed’s sons, Asim Azhar, Zohaib Hassan, Irtaash, Momina Mustehsan and a few other singers.

Additionally, the ace guitarist told that he had been in conversation with Azmat, Rohail Hayat, O’Connell and Shahi Hasan to come together and to give Junoon band a comeback.

Salman Ahmed confirmed while talking to a local newspaper that at present the line-up is for sure ready and would be taking off in 2018. He added that this decision has been taken for the fans who deserve and wish to see unity and hope once again.

Let us wait and see what the iconic band has in store for its fans for the year 2018.

Junoon had been a popular and widely loved band. It has seen great heights in the nineties. It has been called “one of the biggest bands in the world” by the Q Magazine, where New York Times referred to the band as the “U2 of Pakistan”.

They could be called the pioneers of the Sufi rock music category. Since their inception, a total of nineteen albums had been launched by the band.

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