Salma Zafar accuses Saud and Javeria of Fraud

Salma Zafar

Famous actor Salma Zafar accuses a well-known celebrity couple Javeria Saud and Saud Qasmi for fraud.  According to the actor, the couple defrauded her and the workers who worked in their production house JJS Production.

Salma Zafar in a live Instagram session said that the JJS production didn’t pay her and many others who worked in their Dramas Yeh Zindagi Hai and Yeh Kesi Muhabbat hai.

The JJS production house owes her around Rs.10 million. Salma also said that Saud and Javeria have not even paid their staffers who worked in their Production house and also they treated every cast member badly.

The Veteran Actor worked with the couple for almost 6 years. According to Salma, when she texted Javeria to ask about the due payments, Javeria Saud immediately blocked her.

 Salma Zafar clearly said in the live session that she will fight for her rights but she doesn’t have anything to prove her claims right now, still, she is going to fight legally.

The actor stated that she remained silent for a very long time but now she couldn’t remain silent anymore.

GEO TV halted both the dramas of their production due to the ill-intentions of the couple.

Moreover, she added that actor Parveen Akbar is also one of the victims of the same fraud but she is not complaining regarding this fraud as she likes getting invited on the morning shows.

Salma Zafar declared that she is going to keep on complaining regarding the fraud the couple did to her on the social media platforms until somebody takes strict action against them.

The celebrity couple have not yet commented on these allegations.

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