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Salah Can Make a Difference In The FIFA World Cup 2018—Neymar Jr.

It’s been some time since Neymar left FC Barcelona and enjoying its counterparts in French leagues and playing currently for Paris Saint-Germain. In an interview with Redbull content team, the Brazilian “Jaguar” has revealed some interesting thoughts.

In answering a question Neymar has name the possible winner of the world cup 2018 which could be any of the one, he named “Germany, Spain, Brazil, France and Argentina” as the top contestants in the World Cup.

Answering another question about the real surprise in the world cup he said, “Belgium holds a bunch of very good players currently and makes an excellent team, Belgium is the team which could surprise all the spectators in the world cup”.

So you can now imagine the team going into semis or even finals.

The most interesting comments he gave was about Egypt’s Mohammad Salah, he said Mohammad Salah is a very good player who could create a difference at the World Cup 2018.

Salah currently players for English Club Liverpool, he also played for Chelsea previously.

Who will make the real difference in the tournament is yet to be watched, and who will make it to the finals is still dubious as Neymar said, none of the games in the world cup are easy to play, every game is hard that is why it’s called “World Cup”.