Safety Alerts Issued by Karachi port Authorities Ahead of Rainstorm

safety alerts

A storm and heavy rains are forecasted in Karachi by the Pakistan Meteorological Department. The Karachi port authorities have issued safety alerts before the storm.

Port Qasim and the Karachi Port Trust have been told to take some safety precautions, especially for the docked ships. It is being told to double the ropes and anchors weighing them down that way the ships won’t be destroyed.

The fishermen have also been alerted and told be cautious by the Maritime Security Agency.

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All the staff leaves have been canceled by the DMCs and KMC and are told be on high alert.

Before the storm comes, all the city authorities are preparing themselves to face it. Cleaning of the city has been ordered by the Karachi commissioner especially the drains. And as proof, he asked the cleaning authorities to send him pictures and videos to make sure that they are obeying to what he said.

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