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Safa Pekhawar App Launched for Garbage, Sewage Problems in Peshawar

Safa Pekhawar app

Now the people in Peshawar who have got the complaints regarding the garbage and sewage problems just need to pick up their phones and dial 1334 or use the new Safa Pekhawar app available on the Google Play store for registering their complaints to the Water and Sanitation Services, Peshawar.

Hassan Ali—the spokesperson of the company said that they would be responding and resolving the lodged complaints within just 48 hours.

The Safa Pekhawar which means clean Peshawar application is free of cost and has also got language options in Urdu and English. It has got separate sections for launching complaints of drinking water supplies, solid waste management and sanitation.

One just needs to register in the application by giving their name, contact number, email id and password to sign in. One could also share photos provided with brief details of the problems with its location.

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Hassan Ali said that they get the accurate location of the problem mentioned in the complaints from the GPS coordinates.

He further added that based on the location, the particular zonal office of WSSP responds to the complaint in a day and the issue is then addressed in 48 hours. The app provides services 24/7.

Whenever a complaint is filed it pops up on the computer screens of the zonal managers and the top management of the company, which includes the CEO. It starts to blink, and the CEO learns if the complaint is not immediately entertained.

On calling on the help line, the complaint is recorded by three operators.

Jawad Shah—a helpline operator said that they on an average receive 20 to 25 complaints per day. Most of the received complaints are regarding the leaking of pipelines and clogged drains.

Hassan added that the percentage of complaints that remain unresolved include the ones that do not fall in the areas of their ambit however the complaint lodgers were contacted and were informed of this so that they could then contact the relevant body for getting their issue addressed.

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