Saeed Book Bank on the verge of collapse?


Saeed Book Bank, the largest bookstore in Pakistan is on the verge of collapse. Struggling from heavy taxes and a decline in printed book sales, the bookstore is facing downfall.

Book readers and lovers are shocked. People on Twitter are highlighting the necessity to save our bookstores for generations to come.

Taj Muhammad Qureshi found Saeed Book Bank in 1932 in Peshawar. But due to militant threats, the bookstore was moved to Islamabad.

Now known figures including Salman Masood a New York Times correspondent, and Shiraz Hasan a Rawalpindi-based journalist revealed that Saeed Book Bank is closing down.

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One of the reasons for the expected closure of the bookstore is the rise in prices of imported books due to the recent down-gradation of trade ties with India.

Journalist Shiraz Hassan tweeted, “Is this end of Saeed Book Bank?? #Islamabad

Salman Masood tweeted, “Saeed Book Bank, one of the biggest bookstores in the world and a big Islamabad attraction, crumbling under financial pressures. Owner thinking of major downsizing. In 2015, @rodnordland wrote a beautiful piece about the fabled bookstore and its owners …

People are saddened and concerned about how the biggest bookstore in Pakistan might not sustain financial pressures.

A user wrote, “Sad state of the affair; an icon of Islamabad (F-7 sector), one of the best things in Islamabad; Saeed Book bank about to close their business.” 

Some users thought that Saeed Book Bank is a bit overrated. A user wrote, “Saeed Book Bank is a bit overrated. There’s an emphasis on current affairs books and their ubiquitous locations in the store. Books on other topics are poorly located and slightly more overpriced. Readings and Variety books at Lahore are far superior, in my opinion.”

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