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Sadat Bashir – Bahria College Examiner Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations in a Video Message

Sadat Bashir, an invigilator was blamed for harassing more than eighty female students of Bahria College, Islamabad.

Here is his response in a video message


He claims that whenever he went to Army Public School or Bahria he was being pressurized to give full numbers to the students in the practical. He said that he gave numbers as per their performance.

Well, this does not clear anything. There are many students who have come together and clearly said that he sexually harassed them.

Saba Ali a student wrote, “My biology practical was held on May 24, 2018, I was in the first batch of the bio practical. I came to school at 8:00 am sharp that day because I wanted to get my practical notebook checked by my teacher. Everybody warned me beforehand that the examiner is very strict.”

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Adding, “I don’t even have the words to describe the events that took place next but I will try. Our examiner Sadat Bashir, was a perverted a*****e who groped almost 80 students and passed sleazy comments.”
She alleged, “He groped me twice, once when I went for the model recognition and he touched my butt and second when I was making the slides. He came behind me and traced my bra strap all the while pretending he was just examining my slide.”
Adding, “Thirdly, when I was doing my frog dissection he came up to me and asked what kind of a frog it was. I got extremely nervous and told him it was a male frog to which he very inappropriately replied: “It’s a female frog can’t you see the ovaries, you have them inside you too!”

Since this girl spoke up against Sadat Bashir many others girls have also confessed and accused Bashir of sexual harassment. It is time that action is taken against such people living in our society and make it a lesson for others who feel that they can get away with anything.

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