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Saba Qamar Releases Second Episode on her YouTube Channel

saba qamar

Saba Qamar has released the second episode on her YouTube channel and the episode is funny.

This episode calls out every awkward interview question that has been asked to the female celebrities and it looks like she is answering all such questions from the heart.

One might think that the asked questions by the interviewer seem quite far-fetched, however, in actuality, many female celebrities have been put through them. They have been asked about their personal lives, marriage, looks, and also about their comparison with the senior actors.

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Saba Qamar has herself been asked about her love life multiple times. The Baghi actor seems to have enough, as one could tell that from her reaction in the video when she was asked the dreaded question once again.

The video is daring and witty, especially all her responses. One could not help but laugh at her responses, especially when she was asked about how many men she has dated. The starlet responded by asking the interviewer for the answer. Another good response was when she was called tar-o-taza, she responded by saying ” Am I a vegetable?”

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