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Saba Qamar Launches her YouTube Channel

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar has recently launched her YouTube channel that as per her claims will only be her vision and would be more than an average vlog. She previously shared a teaser of her channel.

The episode Isolation now is released on the newly introduced YouTube channel and it is written by the Cheekh starlet herself.

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Isolation is like the norm of present times however many among us are such who have felt that way before this self-isolation was imposed. Saba Qamar talks about the harsh realities and talks about how it feels that every person is in some kind of race however, now it’s like that life has just stopped.

The video is directed by Shiraz Malik with Masood K. Malik as the DoP, shows the transition of a life that is full of activity and life and celebrations to the one that is in solidarity and quiet.

Saba Qamar says in her video that this is a message for all. And when this phase will pass there will be no regrets.

All of us including the celebrities are making use of this time in our own respective ways, where some are dedicating this time to learn new skills like baking, cooking, others are sharing their experiences on how to teach their kids at home, and some others are considering this time as an opportunity to reflect on life and its blessings.

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