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Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed Apologizes over the Latest Controversial Mosque Shoot for a Music Video

Bilal Saeed

Recently, Bilal Saeed a Pakistani singer and Actress Saba Qamar apologized for the latest mosque shoot they did for Saeed’s upcoming song Qabool’s music video.

He apologized to everyone whose sentiments got hurt after watching the shooting video. Saeed also declared that he is cutting out the whole shot of the Wazir Khan mosque from his music video.

He apologized through a video which he uploaded on his Instagram account. Bilal Saeed in the video said that he and Saba Qamar both understand how this thing affected the sentiment of the people. Moreover, he added that he is also a Muslim and will never want to do anything which goes against Islam.

As Muslims, we would never want to disrespect our religion or any other religion too and if this act has hurt anyone’s feelings then we deeply apologize to all of them, added Saeed.

A short clip came out of both the artists where Saba was whirling with Bilal in the Wazir Khan Masjid in Lahore. This video got strong reactions from religious circles.

The actress responded to the criticism by saying that this is the opening shot of the music video featuring a Nikkah scene. Saba also wrote that this is a teaser of the song and she will not explain anything more as the song will be released soon on the 11th of August.

According to Saba Qamar, the video which has gone viral on social media was only for the poster of the song Qubool which portrays a happily married couple after Nikkah.

She also stated, that disrespecting a holy place is an unimaginable thing for her as well just like it is for the others. Even then, if it has hurt the feeling of people we apologize from everyone.

After all the strong reactions, CM Punjab ordered to take strict action against those who are responsible for it.

The matter was also put forward in the Punjab Assembly before Sameera Komal MPA who also asked to take strict action against all those who disrespected a holy place.

Moreover, a departmental inquiry has also been initiated against the production house.   

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