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Russian Prime Minister tests positive with Coronavirus

On Thursday, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin confirmed that he has been tested positive with coronavirus and from now onwards he will self-isolate himself from others in order to protect his other cabinet members.

In a video meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said that he recently took a coronavirus test and the results are positive.

Mishustin said that he will follow the order of the doctors and will observe self-isolation to protect his other fellow colleagues. He further promised that he will remain in constant contact with others on all the main issues.

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In the televised meeting Vladimir Putin in this regard assured that whatever happened to the Prime Minister can happen to anyone.

The Russian President further said that he hopes that PM Mishustin stays healthy to work and actively contributes to the government’s decision making.

Putin wishes the PM a speedy recovery and also told him that without his participation and opinions the decisions will not be made.

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