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Russian forces apprehended American over suspected spying

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MOSCOW: Russian law enforcement agency (FSB) has said that they have apprehended an American citizen over a suspected espionage in Moscow.

According to the details of the report, FSB said that they have detained American citizen on December 28, but they have disclosed it officially on Monday December 31. However, the local law enforcement agency did not provide any details on the alleged spying and the nature of it as well as how, when and where they have detained the American citizen.

The US Consulate in Moscow was unable to be reached immediately for the comment, said Reuters. The US-Russia relationships have been murky for the past several years, it got even worse when Moscow detached Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine in 2014.

During the presidential elections 2016 and after the elections Russia was blamed for alleged involvement in the campaigns as well. The United States and other Western nations have imposed a wide-range of sanctions on Russia after these developments including their officials, banks and companies.