Russian Bus Maker Proposes to Develop Assembly Plant in Pakistan

Bakulin Motors Group Holding, a Russian bus maker has proposed to build an assembly plant in Pakistan. The Russian manufacturer has given an offer to the Pakistani government that it is willing to develop a modern state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Pakistan with an aim to build buses.

A letter was sent to the ministry in which the Russian company stated that they want to have joint ventures and partnerships with Pakistani companies. The Vice President of the Sales and Marketing of the company stated that they are willing to visit Pakistan or invite Pakistanis to visit their assembly plant production in Russia.

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Bakulin Motors Group Holding produces different vehicles in Russia including buses and autonomous cars.

In Pakistan, the auto policy 2016-21 has attracted different automakers including Korean, Chinese, Japanese and French. Now it has to be seen whether the Pakistani government will accept Russian company’s offer or not.

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