Russian Boy Born on Mars Claims ‘He is Sent on Earth to Save us from a Nuclear War’ – Research Snipers

Russian Boy Born on Mars Claims ‘He is Sent on Earth to Save us from a Nuclear War’

A young Russian lad claims that he was born on Mars and is reborn on Earth to save humankind from a nuclear war.

The name of the young Russian lad is Boriska Kipriyanovich. He claims that he lived in the Red Planet. He is sent to Earth on the major mission of saving the mankind. He further says that race of Martians ended because of nuclear dispute thousand years back and he fears that same is happening in recent times.

This news has come up as tension between the US and North Korea is reaching a breaking point.

The youngster says that if we don’t listen to him, a nuclear war will wipe out Earth just like his people were wiped out.

Boriska is 21 years old and he claims he is not the only child on Earth from outer space, others like him have also been sent to Earth to save the human race.

Furthermore, he says that reincarnations are referred to as “Indigo Children”. They have supernatural talents.

He said, “I remember that time when I was 14 or 15 years old. The Martians were waging wars all the time so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine. We could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships, but we would observe life on Earth on triangular aircraft. Martian spaceships are very complicated. They are layered, and they can fly all across the Universe.”

Boriska’s mother said, “When we showed our boy to a variety of scientists, including ufologists, astronomers, and historians, all of them agreed that it would be impossible to make all those stories up.”

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Researchers say that the youngster is shy with extraordinary intelligence.

Now life on Mars, rebirth on Earth, a mission to save humanity is loads of information which is very hard to digest, but this is the truth that the world is moving towards a war politically, socially and culturally. We need saviors, even if they come from Mars.