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Rubina Ashraf Returns Home After Recovering from COVID-19

Rubina Ashraf

Rubina Ashraf, the famous Pakistani actor has returned home after recovering from COVID-19 at the hospital for more than a month. The daughter of the actor Minna Rubina Tariq took it to social media to give confirmation of the news.

Minna shared that she feared that she would never be able to meet her mother again.

Her Instagram post read that her mother fought with the virus for a month and now is back with them. She further wrote that she prays to Allah Almighty for giving her the most precious thing back to her.

She wrote that her mother’s struggle against corona not just taught her to take care of her mother but also gave her this realization that she is nothing without her.

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Rubina Ashraf also took it to her social media handle and thanked her fans for their love and prayers.

She wrote that she is deeply touched with the love and prayers that all of her fans have sent for her and that she cannot thank enough.

Rubina Ashraf tested positive for the virus on the 3rd of June. There were many reports about her being severely ill.

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