Rs. 600 Billion to be Spent for Development Projects for Southern Balochistan

Rs. 600 Billion to be Spent for Development Projects for Southern Balochistan – The federal government will provide Rs. 540 billion.


Asad Umar – Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives – announced that the government intends to spend Rs. 600 billion on development projects of 9 districts of Southern Balochistan during the span of the next 3 years.

The federal government will provide Rs. 540 billion while the rest would be contributed by the Balochistan government.

The country’s historic package has been prepared with an integrated strategy to ensure that people belonging to all segment of society should get benefit from this package

Asad Umar

This project is expected to bring prosperity in the region.

He further said:

We have embarked upon a new system under which all the sectors and ministries will be engaged collectively,

To accommodate the agriculture sector, new dams will be built and related industries where the outcomes from this sector could be traded.

He also added:

Under this package, we will provide electricity to over 57 percent population of the area and for this off-grid electricity option will also be implemented to provide electricity to the scattered population of the area,

Under this project, around 640,000 children would be given distance education. Under the Waseela Taleem Program, around 83,000 children would be given free education and a monthly stipend of Rs. 1,500 to boys and Rs. 2,000 to girls.

The report also added that the government also plans to upgrade some 200 health centers in the region.

More highlights from the minister included the provision of training to some 35,000 youngsters, facilitation to cultivate olive and date, improved road mapping system, and more.

In response to a query, Asad Umar said:

We have not only identified the development projects, but we are going to establish an integrated governance structure which will ensure timely implantation of the projects.

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