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Rs.30 billion has been spent on KP government schools so far

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KP government has provided basic facilities with a record investment of Rs.30 billion in KP government schools across the province it was said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the details boundary walls in more than 16,000 schools were constructed with this spending, similarly, more than 20,000 toilets were built across the provincial government schools along with more than 15,000 schools with clean drinking water supply.

The statement said, it will improve the overall performance of the schools and more children would be enrolled in government schools. The KP Elementary and Secondary Education Department (ES&SED) is now focused on providing uninterrupted power supply to the schools, the department is mulling to install solar panels to government schools, in this regard almost 6000 schools have been equipped with solarization.

Additionally, the KP government has already spent more than Rs.5 billion on providing furniture to the schools since 2013, representing the government’s commitment to providing a better learning environment for students in the province.

Before this investment, most schools in KP were deprived of furniture or it was substandard after the project has been completed more than 1.5 million children are now sitting on proper chairs in schools instead of sitting on floors, the statement said.

Moreover, almost 10,000 play areas were created in primary schools across the province, play areas were created to ensure quality education and care for children. The KP government is pursuing the new education policy to ensure a healthy educational environment for children.