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Rs.14 Pension Given to 1965 and 1971 War Veteran

1965 and 1971 war veteran has been receiving a pension of just Rs. 14 since his retirement. A case was heard at Lahore High Court (LHC) in which an unsung hero of two major wars of Pakistan ‘Mohammad Yasin’ is being given just Rs.14 as pension since his retirement.

Yasin took part in the 1965 and 1971 war. He was not being an increment in his pension from the department and was forced to knock on LHC doors, looking for justice.

His counsel, advocate Inam ur Rehman informed the court that Yasin is a recipient of Tamgha-e-Jang for participating in both wars. Also, for three years he was a prisoner of war in India after the 1971 war.

He was made to retire upon his return and his Pension was set as Rs.14 in the 70s. Since then, for the past four decades, he has been receiving just Rs.14 with no increment at all.

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The LHC’s Rawalpindi bench judge, Justice Mirza Waqas Rauf heard the case and has asked the attorney general Pakistan (AGP) to submit a reply in two weeks’ time.

The AGP has informed the court that relevant authority has been contacted and has asked for more time for submission of a reply.