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Rs.1000 Increase In Wheat Prices After Lockdown In Bhakkar

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The government of Pakistan introduced a Partial lockdown in Bhakkar due to the Coronavirus, however, the partial lockdown led to a sharp increase in wheat prices.

According to AFP, Coronavirus is partially locked down in the Bhakkar district of Punjab province. However, due to the lockdown, the combination of stockpiles disappeared from the wheat market, while the price of 100 kg sacks of wheat suddenly increased by Rs. 1000.

After the price increase, the price of 100 kg wheat sack of Rs. 3700 has been increased to Rs. 4700. Apart from this, subsidized flour is also missing from the market due to which the citizens are facing severe problems. Twenty-three kilograms of official flour sacks are available to the public in the market.

Citizens say the dealers are violating the merit in the distribution of public flour, the mill owners increased the flour rate by Rs. 10 to Rs. 54 per kg. Most citizens are unable to get flour from the market, they are forced to buy expensive flour from the grinder. Citizens have appealed to the government and said that flour is a basic necessity and immediate notice of shortage should be taken.

While the mill owners say that wheat is being bought in black, the rate of flour has increased. On the other hand, Deputy Commissioner Bhakkar Asif Farrukh said that the administration has ordered action against the villagers, 160 bags of 50 kilograms stored from the river have been recovered, to provide the citizens sufficient flour at control rate.

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