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Rooh Afza Now Available as A Carbonated Drink

Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza or popularly known as the red sharbat is no doubt the most loved drink in Pakistan. The rose syrup is immensely popular in Pakistan and in South Asia generally. It is consumed in households on a per day basis.

We all know that Ramazan is just a few days apart, and especially during the holy month, the consumption of this drink increases heavily.

Rooh Afza has surprised all with a brand-new product. The firm has introduced its carbonated version of the drink which it has named, Rooh Afza Go.

Carbonated drinks are like Marinda, Pepsi, Pakola and other such drinks.

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The launch of the famous laal sharbat as a carbonated drink is for sure a surprise for all as since ages the company was running on the same product.

The amazing part of the launch of this new Rooh Afza version is that the company has partnered with Pakistan International Airlines—PIA. The airline has agreed to serve every passenger onboard with this carbonated drink alongside the other soft drinks available in Pakistan.

It for sure is an interesting move by the firm and it is yet to be seen how this would attract the market and capture fans.

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