Rooh Afza Disappears from Indian Market Raising Concerns for the Indian Muslims

Rooh Afza

Indian Muslims are worried as they are unable to find Rooh Afza in the market and they are genuinely concerned about the famous drink’s absence.

Rooh Afza is a red sherbet that is manufactured by Hamdard Laboratories, it has been taken off the market for 4 to 5 months now, and is not available at the online stores, as per the reports of The Print on Tuesday.

The published article tells that the production has restarted recently, as per one of the directions of Mufti Shaukat—Directors of Hamdard.

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He informed that the well loved and drank drink would soon be back.

A receptionist at Hamdard office provided an estimate of fifteen to twenty days before the sherbet is to hit back on the market.

The report mentioned that Hamdard has not given out any official statement as to why it halted the production of the drink, however, it tried accusing the unavailability of the sherbet on the shortage of raw material.

As per a source the actual reason behind it is some family dispute.

In the meantime, Indian Muslims took it to social media site—Twitter to express their disappointment because of the absence of the drink.

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